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1854 Treaty Authority News

News and information from 1854 Treaty Authority

Lake Sturgeon in the St. Louis River

Cultural Significance, History and Current Status 

Experience the StoryMap HERE!

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Virtual Storytelling Event, Thursday December 17th, 7pm

Zoom with us at:


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Success in the St. Louis River

Funding through the Great Lakes Restoration Initiative (GLRI) has supported many projects including lake sturgeon assessments in Lake Superior and the St. Louis River estuary... (read more)

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U.S. Forest Service Summer Research Assistantship for Native American Undergrads

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Reminder: 1854 Conservation Code, Harvesting Conifer Boughs

Don't forget to review the 1854 Conservation Code (page 59) before heading out to harvest conifer boughs this holiday season...

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Intertribal Timber Council Higher Education Scholarship

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2020 Band Member Survey


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2020 Deer Opener

To all treaty hunters hitting the field tomorrow for 2020 deer season, good luck out there!
A few reminders:
  • Don't forget you can register your deer online:
  • 50% blaze from the waist up, including cap or hat
  • Half hour before sunrise (7:00AM), to half hour after sun down (4:43pm)
  • Be safe out there, and BRING HOME THE BACON!


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Help us Track Chronic Wasting Disease (CWD)

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Early Youth Deer Hunt, 10/15-18/2020

This year there will be a special early youth deer hunt, during which youth will be allowed to take one deer by firearm prior to the start of the regular firearms season. Participate for your change to win a rangefinder!!

Dates: October 15th -18th , 2020 Open Area: Entirety of 1854 Ceded Territory Bag Limit: One (1) deer of either sex. 
Eligibility: Youth ages 10-17 (at the time of the hunt) may participate in the youth hunt. An adult parent/guardian/mentor 18 years of age or older must accompany youth ages 10-13. The accompanying adult cannot hunt during the youth hunt. 
License Requirements: All youth hunters must obtain an 1854 Treaty Authority deer license. Accompanying adults do not need to have a deer license. 
Registration: All deer harvested during the youth deer hunt must be registered at an 1854 Treaty Authority Registration Station, or online. Deer taken during the youth hunt will count towards that individual’s five deer annual limit. Blaze orange/pink requirements apply to all hunters and parent/guardians/mentors. Please consult the 1854 Ceded Territory Conservation Code for all regulations pertaining to Big Game Deer Hunting. 
If you have any questions, please contact an 1854 Conservation Officer.

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Remember the Treaty

September 30th marks the anniversary of the signing of the 1854 Treaty of LaPointe. Why not take a minute to read it through?

Treaty with the Chippewa, 1854.

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Need an 1854 ID?

1854 hits the road this weekend to visit the reservations and make or renew 1854 ID's to anyone who needs one. Grouse season opens this Saturday, September 19th, as well as deer archery. It is 51 days until deer gun season... and it's never too early to be prepared. Don't forget: you must provide another form of identification in order to receive an 1854 ID card (tribal ID, state drivers license, U.S. passport, birth certificate, MCT card)
  • Saturday 9/19, Nett Lake, Tribal Government Center, 9am-noon
  • Saturday 9/19, Tower, Vermilion Community Center, 1pm-4pm
  • Sunday 9/20, Grand Portage, Old Log Building, 10am-2pm

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This Weekend: Youth Waterfowl Hunt

THIS WEEKEND: Youth Early Waterfowl Days, Saturday and Sunday 9/12, 9/13.
Hunters age 17 and under may take regular season bag limits when accompanied by a non-hunting adult (age 18 and older). Ducks, Canada Geese, Mergansers, Coots and Moorhens may be taken from one-half hour before sunrise to 4 p.m. Youth hunters must have their 1854 Treaty Authority ID and firearms safety certification in their possession while hunting.

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Opportunity to Sell Green Rice

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Newsletter, Dagwaagin 2020

1854 Treaty Authority's Dagwaagin (fall) newsletter is NOW AVAILABLE

It features updates and reminders about the 2020 hunting seasons. We have some great opportunities for youth hunters this year! Our biologists in the Resource Management Division share what they’ve been up to in field work (…cute wolf pup photos anyone?) This edition includes a story about Shingebiss (coot) and a discussion on apakweshkway (cattail). In need of an updated 1854 ID? 1854 will be visiting the reservations the weekend of September 19th and 20th. Follow us on Insta @1854TA

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Got Rice?

Manoominike-giizis is right around the corner, and1854 has updated the Wild Rice Resource Guide, to help get you out to harvest! The guide provides information on lakes and rivers where wild rice can be found for good harvesting. It also contains a list of all waters in the 1854 Ceded Territory with at least some known (or historic) wild rice presence. 



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2020 Manoominike Giizis

Are you itching to get out and start ricing? Rice waters open for harvest August 15th, AND WHEN THE RICE IS RIPE.

Check 1854's Wild Rice Condition Updates page for posts on manoomin ripening (and other info) across the 1854 Ceded Territory.

(Wolf Lake, West of Brimson, 7/14/2020)

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"Mikwendaagoziwag" (they are remembered)

Today many Ojibwe people would have participated in the annual GLIFWC organized Mikwendaagoziwag ("they are remembered") Event, which memorializes the Sandy Lake Tragedy. The 2020 event has been cancelled due to the COVID-19 pandemic, but please take a minute to watch the video below and reflect on an the series of injustices and events which took place during the treaty era...

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2020 Healing Circle Run

GLIFWC plans to hold the 2020 Healing Circle Run, with a twist...

The 2020 Healing Circle Run 2020 is a virtual event, and will be held August 1-7th, 2020. Participants will pledge the number of miles they would like to run/walk and then complete those miles wherever they are, or in a nearby location of their choosing. To register for the run, please click on the appropriate link below.

Link to Individual Registration Form

Link to Group Registration Form

Check out the 2020 Healing Circle's Event's page on Facebook.

Every Step: A Healing Circle

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Seeking Native Artists



Native Artists and Photographers!  The Native American Fish and Wildlife Society (NAFWS) is looking for artwork and photographs that depict natural resources on Tribal lands and want to hire Native artists. Your artwork and photographs could be used for several projects between the NAFWS and the Native American Rangelands Partnership.

Website Projects ( and :

NAFWS can pay a one-time fee of $100 for digital use (only) of photographs. Any other uses such as prints or tee-shirts will be renegotiated with each artist.

NAFWS can pay a one-time fee of $200 for digital use (only) of artwork. Any other uses such as prints or tee-shirts will be renegotiated with each artist.

Each image or artwork will be linked to the artist’s preferred location (website, Facebook, Etsy, etc.). NAFWS will also have an “artist’s” page with a biographical sketch of each person with their contact information to help promote your work.

NAFWS is looking for the following professional level images or artwork:

  1. Landscape images that will fit (or can be cropped) into a 2000 x 500 pixel frame (6.75 x 1.75 inch). These will be used for sliders on website pages. See our websites for examples.
  2. Ledger art that depicts cultural uses on rangelands, rivers, or other natural areas. We would specifically like to see images of elders teaching young people.
  3. Project images such as Natives involved with natural uses or research involving natural resources. Photos must be accompanied by “release waivers” to ensure that individuals give their permission to be photographed and posted on websites.
  4. Images that depicts food sovereignty.

See samples of artwork in the New México Native Plant Society’s coloring book at

Images and artwork will be selected based on their application to the website uses, but not all entries will be selected. Some may be selected for archival use, but not necessarily immediate use.

NAFWS will request a signed agreement between each organization and each artist.

Applicants can submit samples of their work via email by August 15 to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. Images or artwork will not be used until artist agreements are signed. Please submit low resolution images as samples, but higher resolution images will be requested later. For questions, contact Ashley Carlisle, NAFWS Education Coordinator, at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Coloring Book Project:

NAFWS is constructing a series of “coloring tiles” of native plants and animals that will be downloadable on the NAFWS websites.  These tiles should have a distinct Native appearance and cultural reflection (ledger art or other form). Tiles will be categorized by region, and each will be placed on an 8/5” x 11” page to include space for a description, Native language, and cultural use. We are looking for the following:

  • Each black and white drawing should be contained in a 5” x 6” portrait rectangle that is easily colorable by a child.
  • While these tiles are intended for fun, they should also provide enough detail to help children (or adults) identify different plants and animals in their respective regions (See sample at This would include seed heads of native grasses, fruits on shrubs and trees, and other distinctive features of each plant. For animals, specific traits should be visible (for example, hump and claws on grizzly bear vs. short claws and longer ears on black bears).
  • The fee will be negotiable when NAFWS selects an artist that is willing to collaborate for the project.
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