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Need an Updated 1854 ID?

Without getting out and about to powwows over the last year, 1854 has not been as easily accessible as we usually are for creating and distributing 1854 Identification Cards for our enrollees. Although we are currently operating under a Code Amendment where Tribal ID's suffice in place of 1854 ID's for off-reservation harvest, we are planning to make rounds to the reservations. First up, Vermilion on April 15th:

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Summer Seasonal Vacancies

1854's Resource Management Division is hiring three (3) seasonal positions; a Fish and Wildlife Aide position, and two (2) Invasive Species Aide positions. Application materials (including application for employment) are due March 31st, 2021.

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Vacancy: Shakopee Mdewakanton Sioux Community

The Shakopee Mdewakanton Sioux Community (SMSC) Land & Natural Resources Department is seeking to hire a full-time entry level Environmental Technician position located in Prior Lake, Minnesota. 
The job description and link to apply is available at this link:
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Lake Sturgeon: Science and Culture Virtual Program

Lake Sturgeon are unique, ancient fish inhabiting the Great Lakes and tributaries. A culturally significant being to the Ojibwe, Lake Sturgeon are a harbinger of spring. Historically abundant populations were nearly eliminated by the early 1900's due to over harvest, water pollution, and habitat loss. Improved water quality by the 1980's allowed state, tribal and federal authorities to reintroduce Lake Sturgeon by stocking hatchery raised fish. Today some watersheds, such as the St. Louis River Estuary, show signs of naturally reproducing populations. Watch the program recording here: 

Seeking more resources about Lake Sturgeon? Check these out:

· Lake Sturgeon StoryMap

· Lake Sturgeon Kahoot!

· Great Lakes Aquarium Run for Your Lifecycle lesson plan

· Great Lakes Aquarium Becoming Scientists: Synthesizing and Communication (Fish CSI) lesson plan

· St. Louis River Alliance flyer: Lake Sturgeon in the St. Louis River 

· Menominee Sturgeon Release Feast and Powwow (Menominee are linguistically related to Ojibwe-Algonquin):

· Gun Lake Release-Michigan Pottawatomi (another Algonquin tribe):

· Children’s book: Nanaboozhoo and the Sturgeon

· Ojibwe Clans Project (youth):

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Wild Rice: Science and Culture Virtual Program

In the migration of the Anishinaabeg to the Western Lake Superior area, it was prophesied that they would reach their final stopping point when they found “the food that grows on water”. Manoomin (wild rice) is a culturally significant resource and important food source that is critical to Ojibwe identity, historically and presently. Darren Vogt, Resource Management Division Director at the 1854 Treaty Authority, will discuss the biology and conservation of this treaty-reserved food staple, as well as the successes of the organization’s longest monitoring program. Traditional harvest of manoomin occurs each season in the 1854 Ceded Territory; and the process of harvesting and finishing wild rice will also be highlighted in this talk. Watch the program recording here:

Seeking more resources on Wild Rice? We recommend these: 


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Azhigwa Zhiiwaagamiziganike

Are you sugarng this year? If so, consider helping us out: 

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Climate Change: Science and Culture Virtual Program

In the Ojibwe world-view, natural resources ARE cultural resources. Seasonal subsistence migration and treaty harvest was and is a way to stay healthy: physically, socially, and spiritually. However, warmer winters, increasing extreme precipitation events, more occurrences of drought, and earlier ice out dates across the 1854 Ceded Territory already are affecting flora and fauna that are imperative to the culture, history, well-being, and life-ways of the Anishinaabeg. 1854 Treaty Authority Climate staff, Hilarie Sorensen and Tyler Kaspar, share some of the documented changes in weather patterns in the region. They will discuss the various monitoring projects that 1854 facilitates to watch over these changes, such as measuring ice thickness and snowpack, recording inland lake temperature and dissolved oxygen levels, and the timing of phenological events like wild rice growth, annual sugar maple sap run, and amphibian spring calling. Watch the recorded program here: 

Seeking more resources about climate change or subsistence seasonal rounds? Check these out: 

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Vacancy: Prairie Island Indian Community

Prairie Island Indian Community has an Environmental Technician position vacancy. Applications are due March 19.

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BIA Announces Student Trainee (Pathways) Vacancy

Students can intern with the BIA, Tribe or a Tribal related program: Student Trainee (Pathways) GS-0399-2/3/4

To widen the pathways for careers pertaining to the Stewardship of Trust assets and tribal resources.

Open Date: 02/12/2021
Close Date: 03/05/2021
PATHWAYS PROGRAM NOTICE! Internship work assignment opportunities are based on BIA needs. Under this announcement, real estate services, land titles and records, minerals and energy, and forestry/fire management programs will be given priority consideration. However, selections may be made for other program areas, including for the following targeted positions.
  1. Environmental
  2. Archeology
  3. Natural Resources Management and Biological Sciences
  4. Cartographic
  5. Rangeland or Agriculture Management
  6. Soil Conservation
  7. Forestry
  8. Accounting
  9. Civil Engineering
  10. Petroleum Engineering
  11. Legal Instruments Examining
  12. Realty
  13. Irrigation System Operation
  14. Hydrology

Refer to the job vacancy announcement on USAJOBS for the specific education and eligibility qualification requirements.

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Moose: Science and Culture Virtual Program

Minnesota moose range lies almost entirely within the 1854 Ceded Territory. The area moose population used to be as large as 10,000 animals, however numbers have dropped dramatically within the last two decades. The harvest of one moose provides for more than just one family; a whole community can be sustained through sharing. 1854 Wildlife Biologist, Morgan Swingen, sheds some light on the current threats to moose and discusses the various monitoring programs that 1854 Treaty Authority participates in, such as annual aerial moose surveys, moose habitat restoration and browse assessments, and white tail deer parasite monitoring. Watch the recorded program here:

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HERS Summer Internship Program

Haskell Environmental Research Studies announces (HERS) Institute’s summer internship program. The HERS program is aimed at preparing American Indian/Alaska Native/Native Hawaiian undergraduate students for graduate study by assisting them to create a research project related to climate and environmental change in Indigenous communities. Native students eligible to enroll in tribal colleges are encouraged to apply. HERS 2021 applications are now open. All application materials are due March 5, 2021. Students can learn more and apply to the HERS 2021 summer internship program here: 


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Announcing: Virtual Program Series

Connections to other beings, which includes landscape, is integral to Ojibwe lifeways. In a 4-part program series, the St. Louis County Historical Society and the 1854 Treaty Authority invite you to connect with science and Native heritage, virtually! We are honored to host elders and community members to share experiences and/or stories, and 1854 biologists describe what is being done to protect culturally significant species. Click on the flyer below to learn more.

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1854 Enforcement Vacancy

1854 Treaty Authority Enforcement Division is hiring a Conservation Officer. This position is to be stationed in the Southern areas of th 1854 Ceded Territory. Application deadline is February 19th, 2021.


Find the 1854 Application for Employment HERE.



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Outdoor Scavenger Hunt

***ATTENTION: We have updated our Instagram username to make it easier to find us!



1854 kicks off an Outdoor Scavenger Hunt on Instagram, today- Monday, February 1st. Join us for a chance to win a survival backpack at the end of the year!

  • Follow wazhushkoons on Instagram 
  • Starting February 1st, 2021, 1854 will post a seasonal, photo-cropped “clue”. You have one week to get outside, capture a snapshot and message us an image of the object along with the hashtag #noojitoon 
  • If you figure out the clue and message us before the week is up and the answer is revealed, you get 2 entries into the prize draw-ing. If you message us after we provide the answer, you get 1 entry into the prize drawing.
  • 1854 will post a new clue every 2 weeks. At the end of the year, we will draw a WINNER to take home a survival backpack equipped with all the goods to keep you going strong on all your outdoor adventures!
  • By submitting Instagram photos to the 1854 Outdoor Scavenger Hunt, you agree that your submission may be posted on the 1854 Treaty Authority Instagram page, newsletter and/or website, and that your submission is original content created by you that does not violate any third party rights. 
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SLRE Manoomin and Habitat Coordinator Vacancy

The Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources (DNR) Lake Superior Team is hiring a St. Louis River Wild Rice and Habitat Coordinator!
Applications due February 11th, 2021

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1854 News, Biboon 2020-2021

1854 Treaty Authority's Biboon (winter) newsletter is NOW AVAILABLE

It features updates about the office access during the COVID-19 pandemic, extension of the 1854 ID card amendment, and some feedback on the results of our 2020 Band Member Survey. Pick up some reminders before you head out to ice fish, and find out how 1854 Climate staff are tracking ice thickness and snowpack as it affects treaty harvested species. We invite you to connect with the us through teachings and experience: tune in for virtual presentations with 1854 biologists, and join in the fun of an outdoor Instagram scavenger hunt!

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Virtual Storytelling Event, Tuesday January 19th, 7pm

Register here:

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Online Unattended Lines Notification

Setting unattended lines while ice fishing? You must notify 1854 that you are doing so. Log in on our unattended lines notification QuickLink on the 1854 website homepage, call the office, or notify one of the CO's. Rules and regulations are spelled out in the 1854 Treaty Authority Conservation Code (page 50)

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Lake Sturgeon in the St. Louis River

Cultural Significance, History and Current Status 

Experience the StoryMap HERE!

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Virtual Storytelling Event, Thursday December 17th, 7pm

Zoom with us at:


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