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1854 Treaty Authority News

News and information from 1854 Treaty Authority
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ALERT! Wild Parsnip

ALERT! Beware of Wild Parsnip, currently in full bloom along roadsides and paths in Northeastern Minnesota.
Wild Parsnip is a perennial invasive plant that grows 4-6 feet tall. It is a member of the ‘umbel’ family and is closely related to cow parsnip or queen ann’s lace, but has a yellow flower. It can tolerate dry or wet soils, but does not grow in shady areas.
Wild Parsnip causes phytophotodermatitis – when sap from the wild parsnip comes into contact with human skin in the presence of sunlight, it causes severe rashes and blisters. If you may have been exposed to wild parsnip sap, avoid exposure to sunlight, immediately wash skin with soap and water, and seek medical attention.
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