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Indigenous Pottery Workshop

Indigenous Pottery Workshop

1854 has partnered with the St. Louis County Historical Society to bring an indigenous pottery workshop to the Duluth-area. This is a family program, scheduled for Saturday March 11th, at 10am, and held at the Duluth Depot. The workshop is FREE, but registration is REQUIRED, as space is LIMITED - there are only 5 seats left!! Join us by registering HERE

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1854 Offers Traveling, In-classroom Presentations

1854 Offers Traveling, In-classroom Presentations

Would you like someone fro the 1854 Treaty Authority to come and speak to your school class, civic group or at a public event, about any programs we are engaed in?

Contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to schedule a presentation: learn about our on-going management projects, review how treaty rights are protected and managed today, or discover culturally significant and traditionally harvested resources in a new light!

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Public Notice, Grand Portage Tribe Water Quality Standards Triennial Review





The Grand Portage Band of Minnesota Chippewa Tribe has water quality standards (WQS) approved by the U.S. EPA under section 303 of the Clean Water Act. Public comment period starts January 27th and will remain open through March 14th. 

Grand Portage seeks public comments on the following items:  (1) proposed changes in recreation criteria; (2) proposed biological criteria; (3) proposed ammonia criteria; (4) proposed nutrient criteria; and (5) whether any other changes should be made to the WQS during the triennial review process. The proposed recreation, nutrient, biological, and ammonia criteria are provided in red font in the Grand Portage Water Quality Standards.

* The Public Notice with contact information can be found here

* The Grand Portage Reservation Water Quality Standards, with proposed changes can be found here

* Supporting Information for Grand Portage Proposed Nutrient Criteria can be found here.


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MPCA Open Houses

MPCA Open Houses

Minnesota Pollution Control Agency (MPCA) is hosting three open houses on the wild rice sulfate standard rule-making...

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Snowmobile Safety Certification Course

Snowmobile Safety Certification Course


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Word Scramble Answers

Word Scramble Answers

Here are the answers to the "Dressing for Winter" word scramble printed in our Biboon newsletter. Remember to be safe and prepared this winter!!

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Winter 2016-17 Newsletter

Winter 2016-17 Newsletter

1854 Treaty Authority's Biboon newsletter features reminders for harvest activities this winter and safety tips for the outdoors, including the impacts from salting our frequently traveled areas. Check out the plans for the Prospectors ATV Trail, and catch an interview with one of the ceded territory’s rare bow hunters. Find it under the Education and Outreach page...

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Aquatic Invasive Species can spread, even in winter

For some, the sub-zero weather means one exciting thing: thickening ice on the lakes! EVEN IN WINTER we need your help to stop new aquatic invasive species (AIS) from coming into new lakes.

1854 Treaty Authority has just updated our new Infested Waters list, showing all waters in the 1854 Ceded Territory that have an AIS infestation. Although there are a few new editions to the list, efforts to stop the spread of new aquatic infestations are proving to be quite successful, with less than 5% of MN waters being infested.

Here are a few things you can do to stop the spread of AIS:

  • Make sure to empty all bait buckets and/or drain the bait buckets you are using. Some infectious diseases and smaller AIS have been known to hitchhike from one lake to another by travelling in contaminated bait water. Not only is this good practice, it is also the law to not transport any water from one lake to another.
  • Check your ice auger and fishing gear to make sure it is clear of any vegetation. Some aquatic vegetation can stay viable during winter months and frozen temps, and survive frozen temps.
  • Look at the origin of your bait. Even if it is dead or frozen, it could still be infected with exotic viruses. Verify your bait came from a “VHS free zone”  and has either been harvested from MN waters or has been preserved under a “bait preservation permit”. All legal bait will have this explicitly stated on the label. 
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Big Rice Lake Informational Meeting

A public meeting is scheduled for Wednesday December 7th, at 6:30pm at the Sandy Town Hall (County Rd 303 and Hill Rd). Wildlife managers and agency partners will give a presentation on cooperative wild rice and water level management efforts on Big Rice Lake over the past 30 years. Avid ricers, waterfowl hunters, trappers and other stakeholders are invited to discuss Big Rice Lake history, management and current conditions. *Participants are encouraged to bring any photos of Big Rice Lake as historical evidence of water levels.

Anyone who is interested buy cannot attend is welcome to send comments to Tower Area DNR Wildlife staff: 218-300-7860

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1854's October 2016 newsletter features reminders for hunting this fall, an amendment to our Conservation Code, and how a partnership successfully tackled an invasive species at the Bois Forte Heritage Museum. Meet our new employee, learn more about navigating our updated website and get the skinny on what our staff has been up to. 

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We've Got A New Look!

Welcome to our updated website!! In an effort to keep up with technology we needed an upgrade, but also got a face lift. Don’t let the reorganization scare you- all the same resources are available on the new site. For instance, you can find pertinent info, like seasons and bag limits under Quick Links. Treaty Harvest has all the necessary information for exercising rights, including codes, forms, postings, regulations, and links to resources. Find old newsletters and organization publications under Education and Outreach. And fear not, Wild Rice Condition Updates will still be available in 3 locations: under Management, Quick Links and on the slideshow during ricing season.

Please bear with us as we work through the kinks, and feel free to drop This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. a line if you are having trouble locating or accessing something. 

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Online Deer Registration

Although you still have the option of registering at an 1854 Treaty Authority Hunting Registration Stations, ceded territory harvested deer can now be registered here. Be prepared to provide the same information required when registering at a station (ie, date, sex, adult/fawn, management unit of harvest, method, 1854 ID card number and license tag number). The same deadline applies to internet registration: deer must be registered no later than 4:30pm of the 3rd working day after the season is closed and before being processed.

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1854 Ceded Territory Climate Change Adaptation Plan Completed

Since 2014, the 1854 Treaty Authority has worked collaboratively with the Bois Forte Band, Grand Portage Band, and Fond du Lac Band to identify culturally significant resources in the 1854 Ceded Territory that are and will be vulnerable to climate change impacts in the future, and to develop strategies for adapting to and relieving those impacts. We are happy to announce the completion of our plan of which the executive summary can be viewed HERE! Chi-Miigwech to our project partners, especially for the leadership of Adaptation International, Great Lakes Integrated Sciences and Assessment Center at the University of Michigan for helping us be better resource managers in a changing world.

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2016 Wild Rice Condition Updates

It's getting to be that time again...and our Resource Management crew has been out monitoring manoomin throughout the 1854 ceded territory. Stay up to date with how the wild rice beds are looking on the "Wild Rice Condition Updates" page of our website. Here's to a minominike giizis!!

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1854 Hosted ATV Safety Training And Certification In Nett Lake

Anyone born after July 1st, 1987 must complete an ATV safety training to operate an ATV in Minnesota. In order to keep our Band memebrs safe, 1854 hosted an ATV safety training on June 29th in Nett Lake. Congrats to the 10 participants that got certified, and great job for sticking it through the self study! Check out the photos from the field day. Happy wheelin'!

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Two New SNF Campgrounds Open For Band Member Use

We are happy to announce that ECHO LAKE and JEANETTE LAKE have been added to the list of Superior National Forest Campgrounds that are available for Bois Forte and Grand Portage Band member use (and their families and guests), free of charge. Take a minute to check out the complete list of campgrounds in this agreement between U.S. Forest Service and 1854, and read up on the regulations before planning your trip!

View Regulations Here

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Hot Off The Press!

Check out the latest 1854 Treaty Authority newsletter HERE. Our JULY 2016 edition features reminders for safe boating, the petition to list Moose as an endangered species, and how the Grand Portage National Monument is managing a culturally significant plant. Meet our newest employee, learn more about 1854's Conservation Court and get the skinny on what our Aquatic Invasive Species Technicians are up to. Enjoy!

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Paper birch (B. papyrifera) is an ecologically and culturally significant species to the landscape in Northeast Minnesota.  Perspectives from a professional silviculturalist and an Anishinaabe artist combine the importance of management and traditional crafting to raise our level of awareness! Join us for this FREE program, Thursday June 2nd, 6:30pm, at the 1854 Treaty Authority Duluth office. See the Program Flyer.

Space is Limited : Registration is Required : REGISTER HERE

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Thanks to all who participated in this year's netting clinic, held Friday May 6th. Students from four area schools got a taste of this important spring harvest; and participated in a discussion on Treaty Rights, learned some Anishinaabemowin during the blessing, reviewed watercraft safety, pulled the catch from the nets, and got a filet demonstration. Everyone got to share a taste of the day's catch during lunch!! Check out the pictures and videofrom the day.

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Now Enrolling! 1854 Hosts ATV Safety in Nett Lake

Anyone born after July 1st, 1987 must complete an ATV safety training to operate an ATV in Minnesota. Get the papers for the big job with 1854!! Join us on the evening of Wednesday June 22nd to kick-off to the self certification course (to be completed online) and Wednesday 29th for the field day. Check out the course flyerfor more information. Registration is REQUIRED for this course, meant for individuals 12 years old and up: contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to register.

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