Wild Rice Resource Guide

Wild Rice Resource Guide has been developed by the 1854 Treaty Authority. This guide provides information on locations in the 1854 Ceded Territory where wild rice could be harvested. 

Although conditions on given lakes/rivers obviously change each year, the guide lists areas in recent years that have contained enough wild rice to be harvested. In addition, a list of all wild rice waters within the 1854 Ceded Territory is included. The 5th edition of the guide (updated in 2020) lists 110 lakes/rivers classified as having good or fair potential to contain harvestable wild rice. The guide will be revised again in the future as new or better information on wild rice waters in the 1854 Ceded Territory is acquired.

The Wild Rice Resource Guide also contains information about wild rice biology, harvest regulations, and traditional harvesting/finishing.

The Wild Rice Resource Guide is available on the reports page or by contacting the 1854 Treaty Authority.

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