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Lake Superior Ojibwe Gallery Learning Guide

Hey Teachers!

Are you seeking materials to fulfill cultural curriculum standards? The St. Louis County Historical Society (SLCHS) has put together a Lake Superior Ojibwe learning guide. It was developed as an interpretive supplement to the Ojibwe Gallery in the 4thfloor, St. Louis County Historical Society Museum at the Duluth Depot, but it breaks down a TON of cultural information on its own. The guide includes a historical timeline, explanations of the styles and techniques employed in crafting of moccasins and baskets (items on display at the exhibit), and interpretation of the treaties that changed the way of life for the Ojibwe in the Lake Superior basin. The guide is a practical resource for an introduction to the Ojibwe language, and clarifies why different names are commonly used for the same group of peoples -- “Chippewa, Ojibwe, and Anishinaabeg”. It even comes with a content review “worksheet”!

It is available on the SLCHS website, or download a copy from the 1854 Treaty Authority webpage.

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Newsletter, Biboon 2018/19

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