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Early Youth Deer Hunt, 10/15-18/2020

This year there will be a special early youth deer hunt, during which youth will be allowed to take one deer by firearm prior to the start of the regular firearms season. Participate for your change to win a rangefinder!!

Dates: October 15th -18th , 2020 Open Area: Entirety of 1854 Ceded Territory Bag Limit: One (1) deer of either sex. 
Eligibility: Youth ages 10-17 (at the time of the hunt) may participate in the youth hunt. An adult parent/guardian/mentor 18 years of age or older must accompany youth ages 10-13. The accompanying adult cannot hunt during the youth hunt. 
License Requirements: All youth hunters must obtain an 1854 Treaty Authority deer license. Accompanying adults do not need to have a deer license. 
Registration: All deer harvested during the youth deer hunt must be registered at an 1854 Treaty Authority Registration Station, or online. Deer taken during the youth hunt will count towards that individual’s five deer annual limit. Blaze orange/pink requirements apply to all hunters and parent/guardians/mentors. Please consult the 1854 Ceded Territory Conservation Code for all regulations pertaining to Big Game Deer Hunting. 
If you have any questions, please contact an 1854 Conservation Officer.

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